Tips on How to find a Good SEO Company in Birmingham UK

SEO CompanyHave you ever thought about consulting a Birmingham SEO service? There are many companies and individuals who claim to offer Search Engine Optimization services but they do not meet client’s demands. To evaluate and get the best results of website ranking, consider the following from your SEO Company;

· Keyword density evaluation

A keyword is the main world or words that are directly related to the website or blog. If a website is about health matters, it should not be given a keyword related to entertainment. There are SEO checker tools that are used to determine the keyword and other related words to be used. These tools also check for keyword density. It is considered that a good keyword density is between 1% and 5%. Most web content writers prefer 1% keyword density.

· Keyword placement

Most web content creators consider that a well written web page should have a title, Meta tag, fist heading, second heading, body, and conclusion. For a professional SEO services provider, the content is built from HTML of the web page. This is done to place the headings and Meta tags in the right positions. This is also known as offline SEO. It is done during the setting up of the page using the basic HTML language. A good title should include the key word in it. This is not compulsory but it will improve the visibility of the page to search engines.

· Search engine submission

After completing the setting up of an optimized web page, it is submitted to search engines and other link building websites. This enables search engine’s system to claw or scan the pages and categorize them according to their importance in relation to information, and words used. A well optimized web page should appear in the list of search engine results. It is advised that a web page should be user friendly and not made for search engines. This is because the content is to be read and used by humans. Professional SEO services ensure that a fully constructed page is submitted to the search engines.

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· Follow up services

They do follow to ensure that your website or blog achieved the your expectations

· Available and can be contacted easily

This makes them trustworthy as they can be reached when necessary

· Give incentives

It is obvious customers expect discounts for services. Check to see the company has regular offers and discounts fro their customer.

· Fair price

Their charges should be fair enough in relation to the services they offer.